mikrokosmos ulmerfeld / by Peter Ban

aussenraumgestaltung, zubau, ulmerfeld, amstetten

Context: a one-family-house in the countryside. The garden was unused-so space is left to situate an annexe to the existing house. The owners wished an additional living area and an outer space, which is achieved by an L-shaped building, forming a yard. Outside a pool connects to the annexe. The yard is surrounded by a 2m high wall of black exposed brickwork, which focuses the view to the surrounding hills. The neighbourhood is faded out and users only concentrate on life within the yard. The floor covering is black, perfectly harmonizing with the bricks and the terrazzo from inside the house. The existing kitchen has been refurnished. The living space is situated nearby. In combination with the wooden furniture an even character is evoked. Apart from overhead lights the outer front appears closed, so that the introverted ensemble is brought out. In contrast, the inner façade is completely made of glass and can be widely opened, thus the living area is being expanded outside. 

fotos: stadtgut